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My way of creation

I would like to create something that makes our personal daily life and society comfortable. My creation originates from material, and is shaped through making trial models, not on the paper or PC.

I am asking myself repeatedly whether the creation is what I really want, before assuming everybody.



This is one of the most important series, dates back to 1975. I’d like to mention how I came up with these series, and why they came to be my life work.

Since I was a student, I have been interested in slip casting mold, which is the unique technique for ceramics. Slip casting mold is commonly utilized for mass-producing asymmetric works with plaster mold, while wheel-making mold is for producing symmetric work. Although the feature of slip casting mold technique had been commonly exploited for mass-production with low price rather than high quality, I had intended to utilize this technique for artistic expression.

Plaster is the material that I use quite often, as well as clay. That has a close relation to ceramics; it is used for mold because it can absorb extra moisture of clay. I often saw the plaster that were left and hardened, and it happened to trace the texture of board, paper or plastic.

I made use of this interesting incident; I made a mold which traced contingent crinkle and crumple of various materials, and applied for both art pieces and mass-produced ceramics ware. Fortunately, this series is still in production, due to continuous demand.


Door Handle "SOYUSHI" & "SPIN"

I think the value of the products will be maximized only when user make full use of it with their own taste.

“SQ Series” is the table seasoning container set, which can be coordinated freely upon the users’ own selection. “CUP KITS” can be various shapes by exchanging parts. They are developed under the above-mentioned concept.

“SOYUSHI” is also developed under the similar concept; the grip can be exchanged, coordinating with the interior, seasons, like changing dresses.

“SPIN” is the aluminum door handle series at which parts are removable and exchangeable. It is shaped by NC (Numeral Control) lathe process, and stained with vivid and everlasting color. The patterns exist up to a few hundreds, and this system has interesting possibility when users or interior designers add their own designed parts.


KUU Series

My process of creation is influenced by my temperament, a kind of craftsmanship.

I usually get some idea from material and technique; for KUU series, they are white porcelain and openwork technique.   This technique is commonly applied for a lot of materials, such as metal or porcelain, and a lot of attention is required.   Especially when I pierce on clay, I pay great attention because of its fragility.   The feature of KUU series is delicateness and awareness to the spaces, something like paths that "Qi" passes through. This series go with thin, rather than thick material.   First, I make thin and even textured porcelain with slip casting mold, and then pierce on it one by one.

The more holes are created, the lighter this work comes, and will be gone at the last.     I would like to name this action "de-decoration", as the opposite meaning of decoration.   I hope to express a kind of oriental idea "Mu-means NOTHING", which is the status of absolute freedom.

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